Post 2

I was only 4 years old when I looked up at my mom and asked why my grandfather touched me inside my panties when he kissed me? My mom was completely shocked, like most moms would be, as I looked up and saw the expression on her face. I remember being so scared to even say those words to her. She believed me. Why would a 4 year old make something like that up? The grooming lure that my grandfather used with me and other cousins in our family was candy. How long had he been subjecting family members to this same molestation and even worse sexual abuse? My mom and dad made sure it never happened again. It has never been talked about with me and my extended family members. In so many families, it is swept under the rug while the abused live with it and carry it to their graves with absolutely no healing taking place. What if the word got out and what would people think? Generation after generation of family members just don’t talk about it and reveal the abuse. All of us have to do our part to STOP childhood sexual abuse.