EP 27: Rob Sims — A Former NFL Player On The Value Of Cannabis For Pro Athletes 1

As a former offensive lineman in the NFL for nine years, starting his career with the Seattle Seahawks and ending it with the Detroit Lions, Rob Sims has seen the need for professional athletes to access holistic healing. It’s a need he saw before he was a football player, watching the career of his NFL-playing father. 

“I saw the good, the bad, and the ugly of what it looks like to go in and out of the game, and he prepared me going into the game,” Rob said. “I was able to have a great career but not without its ups and downs, not without its rollercoasters.”

Navigating physical pain was a significant part of his career as an athlete. So after nearly a decade of this, Rob looked to the example of entrepreneurs in his family and, with his former Detroit Lions teammate Calvin Johnson, started his own cannabis company. It’s a concept the NFL — a “big, big company” where “things move slowly” — needs to catch up to, he says. Because in catching up, they’ll help save athletes’ lives.

In this episode of Good Dudes Grow, Gary and Rob talk about why it’s time the NFL recognized the benefits of CBD and cannabis and what it’s been like to jump into entrepreneurism with another pro-athlete business partner.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Why Rob believes cannabis and CBD are a form of “elevated wellness” — not just a means of getting high
  • How he and Calvin are approaching the branding opportunity, they have a pro athlete cannabis entrepreneurs
  • What he’s come to learn about the “beauty of the plant”
  • And much more!

Favorite Quote:

“In the sports world, what people don’t understand… is we have to have something for pain. If we’re playing football, I call it, you know, going against fire-breathing dragons every day. You’re going to have pain, whether that’s in practice or the game or whatever. Every Sunday is like a train wreck.”

— Rob Sims

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