Alarming Statistics (which come from only reported cases)


Childhood sexual abuse happens every 9 minutes!

According to, about 93% of children who are victims of sexual abuse KNOW and TRUST their abuser!

Only 7% of children who are victims are abused by a stranger!

About 34% of children who are sexually abused are abused by family members. The YOUNGER the victim, the MORE likely it is that the abuser IS a family member.

Of those molesting a child under 6 years old, 50% were family members!

About 60% of children who are sexually abused, the perpetrator is someone the family trusts!

88% of perpetrators are male, 9% are female and 3% are unknown.

81% of incidents occur in one-on-one situations with one perpetrator and one victim.

The majority of childhood sexual abuse happens in the perpetrator or victim's home. 84% of sexual victimization of children under age 12 occurs in a residence and 71% of sexual assaults on children 12-17 are in a residence.

30-40% of sexual offenses upon children are committed by adolescents.

1 in 7 incidents involving juveniles who commit sexual offenses occur on school days between 3pm and 7pm, with a peak from 3-4pm.